Tutorials offer participants the opportunity to learn new skills, deepen knowledge, or explore new approaches and technologies. They can be half-day or full-day sessions on a variety of topics. They can be introductory or in-depth in nature.

Prior to the actual conference, a tutorial and workshop day will be held on Sunday. The organization of a tutorial is compensated by a reduction of the conference fee.

Proposals for tutorials will not be anonymized and will include the following information:

  • Title of the tutorial
  • Short description and didactic conception (max. two pages)
  • Information about the person(s) conducting the tutorial
  • Information about the organization and implementation (desired day, duration, room requirements, etc.)
  • Target group and, if applicable, maximum number of participants
  • Format Template
    • Overleaf & LaTeX, and use \documentclass[sigconf,screen]{acmart}.
    • Word (as a two-column document)
  • Submission
    • Maximum 2 pages