We would like to point out once again that you are requested to make your own arrangements for lunch on the conference days. The venue “Darmstadtium” is located close to the city center with its variety of dining options. On our website you will also find information about restaurants in the surrounding area.

*Important*: The TU Darmstadt canteen is very close to the venue, but no longer offers cash or card payments. To allow MuC participants this option nevertheless, we will provide Mensa meal vouchers at a price of 5 euros (cash) at a sales point in the Darmstadtium. You can use them to choose between the dishes offered in the Mensa. *Please bring the cash counted, as we have limited change available*. Payment of the vouchers by credit card is possible, but costs 50ct extra (if you buy more than one voucher, you also pay only 50ct more, so 3 vouchers cost e.g. 15,50).

Here’s a list of nearby restaurants (within walking and public transportation distance):

Towards Marktplatz [1]

Towards Schulstraße [2]

Towards Kantplatz [3]

Towards Wilhelminenplatz [4]

Towards Jugendstilbad [5]

Towards Mathildenhöhe [6]