UP – Practitioners’ Track

The practitioners’ track “Usability Professionals” (UP) has been an integral part of the Mensch & Computer Conference for years and is organised by the professional association of German usability and user experience professionals – German UPA e.V.. It offers all those working in the field of usability & UX a platform for mutual exchange and networking.

Show what you can do! Ignite new thoughts, ideas and visions! Share your knowledge and your experience from projects – no matter from which area and which industry.

Contribution types

Submissions for all formats are possible individually or as a group.

TrackContribution TypeSubmission AbstractNotificationDeadline Paper
UPWorkshop- / Tutorial suggestionsJuly 01, 2022July 22, 2022August 20, 2022
UPFull- / Creative PresentationsJuly 01, 2022July 22, 2022August 20, 2022 (optional)
UPBarcampAugust 20, 2022 (optional)
UPWorking GroupsOctober 17, 2022 (optional)

Full Presentation

  • Here you can present your exciting work results, new interaction techniques, new usability/UX methods or company-specific processes as well as controversial topics for discussion
  • Publication in the GI Digital Library
  • Presentation at the conference (25 min. + 5 min. for discussion)

Creative Presentation

  • Here you can present creative results and experience reports
  • No publication in the GI Digital Library
  • Presentation at the conference (12 + 3 min. or 25 + 5 min.)


  • Here you can develop and discuss a topic together with other participants.
  • Publication in the GI Digital Library is possible, but not a prerequisite for the workshop.
  • Workshop at the conference (90 min.)


  • Here you can share your theoretical and practical knowledge and experience with other participants.
  • Publication in the conference proceedings is not planned.
  • Tutorial at the conference as a session (90 min.), or as a half-day tutorial (4 hrs.)

Contributions of the Working Groups

The German UPA has several topic-related working groups (https://germanupa.de/mitmachen) that drive the content-related work in the professional association. The working groups present their work in workshops and invite discussion and the generation of new knowledge.

Information for working groups

  • A time slot of 90 minutes has been reserved in the programme for each working group.
  • Working groups send an email to up22@germanupa.de by August 10, 2022 with topic, description of content and format of the event (workshop, presentation, etc.). This information will be included in the program booklet.


What was a barcamp again?

A barcamp is an open meeting. The content and schedule are developed by the participants themselves at the beginning of the meeting and shaped as it progresses. And this is always done according to the motto ‘give and take’. Each participant is asked to bring a ‘gift’ in the form of a contribution (presentation, lecture, example, discussion contribution, workshop) to the event.

What do you have to do in advance?

We have provided a one-page submission template https://bit.ly/UP22_Barcamp to briefly describe and motivate what topic and how you plan to contribute. We ask you to submit this via the conference management system https://www.conftool.com/muc2022 by August 10, 2022, so that we can post it on the conference website for other participants to read in advance.

How will it work at the conference?

You will come to the conference with your contribution template. On Day morning of the conference, there will be a 90-minute opening session. At this opening session, each contributor will have the opportunity to pitch the topic within one minute (What is the topic? – Why do you care? – What are the benefits for the participants?) If the pitch is well received by the other participants, the contribution will be assigned to a room and a time slot (a so-called session) by attaching your contribution template to the session plan on site.

There will also be a few free slots for spontaneous topics and discussion as open spaces.

Can something be published?

Yes, if you submit the completed paper template in advance by August 10, 2022, you will have the optional opportunity to submit a paper directly. For this purpose, we will provide you with a corresponding template so that the contributions all have the same format later on. Your paper will then be assigned to a coach for quality assurance purposes, who will give you one or two tips on your contribution. The final version must be uploaded to the conference management system by August 15, 2022.

The papers will each be given a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) to ensure that they can be cited and will be uploaded to the Digital Library (DL) of Mensch & Computer. Contributions accepted for presentation or realisation at the conference will be visibly marked as “Accepted”.

If you organize a workshop or discussion at the Barcamp and would like to publish the results of the conference, you have until October 17, 2022 to submit your paper.


The submitted contributions will be published digitally via the Digital Library – Human-Computer Interaction of the Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (http://dl.mensch-und-computer.de) as open access and their citability is ensured via a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

For accepted contributions, a declaration granting rights of use for the final version of the contribution must already be confirmed with the submission of the abstract in the conference management system, in accordance with the author guidelines! This is done by checking the box when uploading the contribution in the conference management system.

Author Guidelines, Templates, Documents

Info and templates can be found here: Guidelines for publication

Participation / Conference fee for speakers

Please note: The Mensch und Computer Conference is not an industry conference and therefore not profit-oriented. This means that the conference fees for all participants can be kept low compared to other conferences. For authors of conference contributions accepted for presentation, the same conference fees apply as for all other participants!


For questions about the Practitioner Track, reach the Practitioner Track Program Chairs at up22@germanupa.de.