Call for Student Volunteers

With more than 800 participants in the past years, the “Mensch und Computer” is one of the largest HCI conferences in Europe. Every year the conference attracts participants from academia and industry.

We are looking for motivated students (and PhD students) to support us in running the conference as Student Volunteer (SV). As a SV, you will gain an overview of current research topics, contacts with scientists and companies, and a behind-the-scenes look at how a conference is run. Depending on further national and regional infection events, the 2022 conference will take place in hybrid form. Based on a clear hygiene concept and taking into account the requirements of the Hessian state government, we would like to offer as large a part of the community as possible the opportunity for personal exchange in Darmstadt.

What do I have to do as a Student Volunteer (SV)?

Student Volunteers are mainly responsible for the smooth running of the conference. Specific activities include assisting at the conference reception, preparing and providing technical support for the conference rooms during the sessions, answering organizational questions from presenters and conference participants, and providing other support to the organizational team. You should be able to be on site in Darmstadt from Saturday, 03.09.2022 (noon) to Wednesday, 07.09.2022 (afternoon) for this purpose. The working time over the whole conference is about 24 hours.

What do I get in return?

You will have the opportunity to attend the conference for free, as well as numerous technical presentations, workshops, demonstrations and exhibitions. Of course, you will also receive fancy T-shirts in the current conference design. You are also welcome to submit your own contributions to “Mensch und Computer 2022”.

How can I apply?

To apply as a student volunteer at “Mensch und Computer 2022” in Darmstadt, please send an e-mail to We’ll let you know afterwards if you’re in.

We are looking forward to meeting you!